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Software and Website Test

Along with the continuous development of software industry, the global software market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. At the same time software outsourcing has gradually become one of company development strategies for international software developers. One after another, they conduct outsourcing for non-core content in software development project, and they themselves focus on R&D of software core technologies. It is possible to lower the development cost of the whole project and improve software quality. As new software design technologies and software quality process management are widely used, software test outsourcing appears with a certain independent trend. This has provided technical assurance to software test outsourcing.

Software quality assurance and test involves a group of test cases (namely input data and expected output result) elaborately designed according to the specification description of software development phase and internal structure of the program, to use these test cases to operate programs so as to find errors. It tests various aspects of application program to validate its function, language effectiveness and appearance layout.

As a software quality assurance and test outsourcing service provider, Borlan will take objectiveness and fairness as its test philosophy. It provides customers with top-quality low cost test services via effective cost-saving global work flow, perfect quality assurance, test quality control system and test management complying with international standard customer.

Our test services include:

  • Final Product Test
  • Source Code DBCS Support
  • Language Effectiveness Test
  • Function Test
  • Data Integration and Data FlowTest
  • Operation Platform Compatibility Test
  • Installation Test
  • On-line Help Localization/Manual Test
  • Automatic Test Case Creation and Using